Hope Berry Clinic, General Pediatrics is a national leader in quality, evidence-based care for children of all ages - from birth through age 21. Our approach to patient care has a "comprehensivist" philosophy - meaning we care for the whole individual as opposed to a single organ system or age group. As pediatricians, we provide our care alongside the next generation of healthcare.

“Child is not a small Adult” and, therefore, require expertise that can cater to their needs. Babies suffer from different problems, their physiology is different, they handle stress differently, and the principles of treatment are entirely different from adults.

Some of our specialties include:

  • Comprehensive health checkups by renowned paediatricians
  • Advanced Vaccination services
  • Growth and developmental monitoring
  • Lactation consultation and help
  • Weaning and appropriate feeding and dietary services
  • Treatment of common Pediatric ailments
  • 1. Gastroenteritis, common viral and bacterial infections
    2. Pneumonia and other respiratory infections
    3. Asthma , Sinusitis, Ear infections, Adenoid and tonsils hypertrophy and other allergic conditions.
    4. Urinary tract infections and management of urological problems in association with pediatric surgery
    5. Tuberculosis and related complications.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of Anemia and related disorders
  • Screening of common metabolic problems including Hypothyroidism, Cystic fibrosis
  • Management and Screening of H1N1/ Swine flu
  • Treatment of mosquito borne infections like Malaria and Dengue fever